NUST Establishes Climate Change Advisory Board

In November 2021, the Research Directorate, Office of Sustainability, established a NUST Climate Change Advisory Board. The Board included thought leaders and researchers in SDG 13: Climate Action, based on their current and previous contributions to the field.

The Board’s first task is to develop a NUST Climate Action Plan (NCAP). A draft of the NCAP has now been formulated, and the Plan will be officially launched in February 2023. The Plan includes a comprehensive timeline to direct Climate Action within NUST and align it with national work on Climate Action.

Board members currently include:

  • Fahim Khokhar
  • Hamza Farooq Gabriel
  • Rafia Mumtaz
  • Rabia Liaqat
  • Ali Shah
  • Irfan Ahmad Rana
  • Ferdos Khan
  • Zaib Jahan
  • Shakil Ahmad
  • Umer Khayyam
  • Shahzad Alvi
  • Salman Atif
  • Ejaz Hussain
  • Salman Raza Naqvi
  • Syeda Maria Zafar
  • Ammara Mubeen
  • Muhammad Azmat
  • Dr. Adeel Ahmad

SDG 1: 648 low-income students receiving financial aid

SDG 4: 3,929 graduates who gained a qualification that entitled them to teach at primary school level

SDG 5: 554 women starting a first degree (first-generation students)

SDG 6: 75% of water is treated

SDG 7: 100% renewable by 2030

SDG 11: 91,000,000 expenditure on arts and heritage

SDG 12: 92% waste recycled

SDG 13: Net Zero by 2030