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Corrosion Health System for Marine Structures

Marine structures are subject to severe environmental conditions, resulting in deterioration and malfunctioning of the critical structures installed on board the underground vessels. Researchers from School of Chemical and Material Engineering Electrically connected hanging specimens of different alloys and dissimilarly joint materials to monitor the marine structures, which has given promising results.

Robotics & Dynamic Systems (RDS) Research Lab at Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC), NUST Karachi Campus

At NUST PNEC RDS has been actively involved in indigenous development of a number of prototype Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). These vehicles are technically advanced robotic vehicles, which are either controlled by a human operator via tether cable or can be programmed to operate autonomously. UUVs can carry out real-time observation of underwater environment to conduct surveillance and monitoring of underwater regions of interest, as well as assist in conduct of underwater search and rescue activities etc. Extensive performance tests and experiments have been conducted to validate their design methodologies. NUST SDGs Report 2020 79 Recently, an updated model of UUV has been successfully developed, deployed, and tested in Arabian Sea, giving headway for further refinements in its design and inclusion of sensors and instruments of interest that can help in observation and monitoring of the underwater environment. This innovation can help people involved in fisheries and marine life that will indirectly impact society and humanity.