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Focus Group Discussion on Agri Sector

BHOOK is a project by one of the Millennium Several faculty members at NUST engaged in agriculture projects were requested to deliberate on addressing the current pressing needs of the agriculture sector of Pakistan.
A committee of these relevant agriculture experts from ASAB, CEME, NBS, and SCEE, was formulated based on their core areas, delineating all the key sub-sectors of Pakistan agriculture eco-system (farming segment)

Biotechnology and plant sciences
• Agri-technologies
• Remote sensing
• Agri-management, logistics, and supply chain
• Argo-chemicals and fertilizers After several formal sessions with the committee members, a comprehensive framework was drafted to demarcate on the following most relevant aspects:
• Existing challenges
• Proposed solutions
• How NUST can contribute to solutions
• Recommendation and resources required for the solutions
• Potential collaborations and partnerships

Agriculture Department and NUST Formalising their Mutual Efforts in Making Farming Techniques More Robust

NUST signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Agriculture Department Punjab and highlighted the key attributes of their ongoing projects that demand technology pertaining to agriculture and water conservation. There is an aim to build multiple technology centres to keep a check on weather and soil conditions, and NUST and the Agriculture Department will conduct R&D
on collaborative grounds. The ultimate purpose is to advise farmers in maintaining suitable moisture levels.