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International Seminar and Workshop on Seismic Performance and Health Assessment Of Civil Engineering Structures

A two-day International Seminar on ‘SeismicPerformance and Health Assessment of Civil Structures’ was held at NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), to update knowledge of industry professionals regarding Structural Health Assessment and Performance-based Design of Structures. During the seminar, a series of insightful speeches and panel discussions were held by various foreign and national Academic & Industry experts. The seminar also constituted workshop and sessions on performance-based design.

Smart Traffic Profiling for Intelligent Road Transportation

This project by NUST researchers explores two nonintrusive approaches to traffic sensing – LiDARs and cameras – that can be mounted on poles or gantries above the road surface, and hence require minimal maintenance and no road closures or excavations for installation. During the project, several low-cost LiDAR sensors will be experimented with leading commercial systems for ITS applications, their cost analysis and alternate low-end options from the ADAS applications / self-driving auto industry. The system would be able to achieve the following to optimize traffic profiling:

  • Simultaneously detect, count and accurately classify multiple vehicles on the highway into one of a predefined set of categories.
  • Perform vehicle axle profiling, i.e. to count the number of axles and sense their spacing and arrangement
  • Estimate the speed of approaching vehicles and their direction of movement.
  • Vehicle height estimation for the purpose of clearance measurement

Assessing Physical and Infrastructural Vulnerability to Urban Flooding: A Case Study of Pakistan

Climate Change has caused tremendous damage to urban infrastructures due to disasters such as flash flooding and related disasters. This calls for resilient infrastructures and early warning systems for effective disaster management. The main objective of this project is to reduce human and socioeconomic impacts of flooding and to improve the living conditions of the populations in Pakistan. This project by NUST researchers defines indicators and develops an index for the physical and infrastructural vulnerability of floodprone urban communities and suggests measures and strategies for effective flood disaster risk reduction. It also proposes actions that minimize flood damages and accelerate early response to floods.

Public Safety Communications in the Context of Terror Attacks (Counter-Terrorism)

Public safety and crime prevention are the key
characteristics of a smart community. NUST
researchers collaborated with Northern Alliance
Treaty Organization to provide innovative answers
and solutions to the problem to reduce the
response time in the context of terrorist attacks.
For this purpose, research and development in
Pervasive Public Safety Communication (PPSC)
were carried out to enable connectivity-aware,
autonomous, cooperative, reliable and real-time
communication for resource constrained PPSC.