Street School

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‘Street School’ aims to create and implement an education/schooling model for young children in the underprivileged slum areas. Street School is specifically targeting a slum area just beside NUST campus where displaced Afghan migrants are settled. Our goals for the duration of the Millennium Fellowship include:

  1. Designing a curriculum which will cater to different age groups. The curriculum will be customized according to the children’s previous exposure to schooling/education. We are hoping to focus on basic literacy including but not limited to mathematics, ethics, morals, interpersonal and soft skills.
  2. We are hoping to educate at least 5 students to the degree that they can join a grade of their respective age group in a functional school. To sponsor their education, we will be raising sufficient funds.
  3. To create a solid foundation/organization for the project so that even after our fellowship is completed, it can sustain itself through our’s and volunteers’ efforts; and expand its radius to other nearby slum areas.