Spark Careers

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Spark Careers, under the Millennium Fellowship, works on the everlasting problem of lack of guidance, exposure and direction of students in Pakistan when it comes to their careers and provides a viable solution. This maps out to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4 which is Quality Education.

In Pakistan, most students during their transition to university do not have access to professional career counselling nor are they aware of the facilities, opportunities or various different career paths they are applicable for. In their desperate attempt to find answers they end up searching and asking on various different applications and websites. No service is dedicated to answering these specific queries and hence, information is distributed among various different sites. With these prevailing issues in light, we are working on “Spark Careers”, which is a service specifically dedicated to solving queries any student may have when choosing a career.

Spark Careers is a platform for students of different fields, levels and universities to connect at one place providing an access to information, hard-core facts and hidden truths about fields and aims to bring forth educated decisions among the people of the country regarding career choices.