NUST Living Lab for Sustainability Innovation and Research

    NUST has launched a platform that envisions the complete research eco-system as a Living Lab for sustainability in which faculty and students can join hands to solve complex sustainability challenges through research.

    By leveraging the campus setting as a test bed for sustainability – faculty, staff, students and researchers alike are able to deal with sustainability challenges at the local level as they seek to solve for them globally. 

    Click here to learn more the emerging living lab framework at NUST.


    Currently we are working on different research projects based on different SDGs you can join us  or you can come up with your own start up ideas for sustainability.

    Come forward and find the innovative solution for sustainability. Work for the sustainability through research or Innovation, NUST give you access to all. Currently we have several projects ongoing on different SDGs you can join these research projects as Research associate or you can come up with your own ideas for sustainability. You can also participate in different startup competitions held on national and international level.

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