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NUST Non-Discrimination Policy

NUST imposes a strict, non-discrimination policy for reducing in-equalities due to gender, race, marital status, ethnicity, religion, financial  background, disabilities, and sexual orientation. The policy, which emphasizes on merit, applies to  all matters of university employment, administration, admission to university academic programs and other activities.

NUST Disability Redressal Policy

Disability covers various physical and psychological impairments that pose a challenge to the functionality of a person, affecting his/her ability to carry out  day-to-day tasks. Disability may be associated with long-term health issues, thus requiring rigorous management which impediments a person’s participation and productivity as an individual and member of society. Social barriers and lack of facilitation may be a hindrance to effective participation on an equal basis with others. NUST constituted “National Disability Redressal Committee (NDRC)” to review existing infrastructure and practices and recommended plans to make NUST disability-friendly institution. Previously, students or staff with a disability was duly facilitated upon need and request. However, there was a dire need for policy and formation of dedicated committees/structures to streamline the assistance and facilitation process for students/staff with disability, hence NUST introduced this policy for redressal of disability into the following categories:
• Admission
• Curriculum & examination
• Rehabilitation/employment
• Addressing temporary disability
• Disability awareness and staff development
• Infrastructural changes
• Constitution of disability redressal committee

NUST Organizes Pakistan’s 1st Technology for Inclusion Summit (TIS2021)

National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) in collaboration with Pak-Everbright Development Organization (PEDO) held the Technology for Inclusion Summit 2021, a first for the country, at the university’s main campus. The prime objective of the summit was to bring together and connect users, manufacturers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders in the domain of assistive technologies. The event also proffered an opportunity for NUST to closely engage with the industry and display its assistive technologies for potential deployment and commercialization. NUST has successfully conducted several projects in the field of Biomedical Sciences, Neurosciences and Prosthetics, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. These solutions have been indigenously developed by NUST researchers, and are cost  effective and thus bringing such assistive devices within the purchasing power of a common man. Mr. Shahab-ud-Din, CEO Pak Everbright Development Organization (PEDO), enlightened the occasion with his lifelong struggle and difficulties being faced throughout these due to disability. He also the stressed the need for developing cost-effective assistive technologies in the country. He extolled NUST for organizing this summit and making these devices accessible for general masses.