Project Break the Barriers

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Project Break the Barriers is a venture under the Millennium Fellowship Program that aspires to break the stereotypes about transgenders and eradicate transgender inequality in our society. It aspires to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5.

The transgender community in Pakistan has been devoid of all kinds of basic life necessities. Be it medical treatment, education, banking, dignified jobs or accommodation. The transgenders are abused, mistreated and exploited in all ways imaginable. This attitude harbours a toxic and unsafe environment for the third gender. Despite government efforts, the transgender community continues to lack entities integral to a stable living, the utmost being respect.

Project Break the Barriers aims to not only spread awareness about the rights of this community according to the Transgender Act 2018 and as mere human beings like the rest of us but also, aid them in achieving these rights. It strives to work for the benefit of trans people by getting them respectable and fair paying jobs free of any kind of bias. The project aspires to reach out to each and every citizen of the country and break them out of the shackles of ignorance. It intends to do so by amplifying the voice of this community. The project is gradually working towards building a friendly and safe environment where trans people will be socially accepted and granted equal rights.