NUST Researchers from Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) has been awarded two projects under Knowledge2Action (K2A)

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Our partner, Knowledge2Action (K2A) program of Switzerland sponsored by the Swiss Universities Development and Cooperation Network (SUDAC), has awarded two projects to the faculty of Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) at NUST where they will work on implementation of already developed research technologies to field level. One of the projects is awarded to Dr. Fazal Adnan, Associate Professor and team lead of the research group AntiBacter at ASAB, will work on real time monitoring and surveillance of various existing and emerging zoonotic infections at various hotspot areas in Pakistan. Dr. Adnan and his team (including Dr. Muhammad Faraz Bhatti, Associate Professor ASAB) will work in collaboration with Prof. Katharina Shaufler of the University of Greifswald, Germany.

The second project is awarded to Dr. Ghulam Haider, Assistant Professor and team lead of the soil biology lab at ASAB, who will work on crop residue to revenue at farm (R2R). This project will address the sustainable management of crop residues to stop on-farm burning which leads to atmospheric pollution like smog and greenhouse gases emission. Dr. Haider will work in collaboration with Dr. Xiaolin Liao of Nanging Forestry University, China.

In addition to these international projects, the faculty of ASAB has also managed to successfully secure 10 NRPU projects in 2022 from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Looking forward to many more such phenomenal achievements from NUSTIANS whose commitment to excellence is what drives such impactful research and innovation at NUST.