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First-Generation Students

NUST has around 30% of first-generation students, i.e., whose parents were never enrolled for higher education. Such a large proportion of students at the campus speaks of our contribution towards bringing out an increasing number of families from poverty

Need Initiative

1,662 students studying on NEED-based scholarships, 127 free seats

NUST aims to be a need-blind university, affording education to all those who make it to the university on merit. In this respect, NUST looks after the financial needs of the students from underprivileged and underrepresented groups from all across the country, through partnerships with NUST alumni, private donors, and government agencies for funding. More than 1,600 students are studying on need-based scholarships in NUST since 2015, and 127 of the targeted 400 seats have been made free for scholars through a permanent endowment.  NUST has more than 600 partners and donors on board.

Establishment of Kashir Asghar Endowment Fund

In the loving memory of Mr. Kashir Asghar, former Rector NUST and father of Mr. Kashir, one of prominent NUST faculty member, ‘Kashir Asghar Endowment Fund’ has been established at NUST. Kashir was one of the most celebrated members of the NUST family, always positive and full of energy. This fund was established to support financially challenged students at NUST in pursuit of their education. Every life  transformed through ‘Kashir Asghar  ndowment Fund’ will be a tribute to his legacy.

Self-Generated Need-Based Scholarships for Energy Students

USPCAS-E, UAO (University Advancement Office), and FAO (Financial Aid Office) NUST jointly formulated a scholarship agreement for
deserving students at the center from the self-generated endowment fund. As per the agreement, 6x needs-based/meritbased endowment scholarship seats will be generated on a circular model with 2x students  immediately benefiting from the scholarship  seats in the upcoming intake. Therefore, the new spring 2022 intake of USPCAS-E will benefit from scholarships created by the center’s own endowment returns. USPCAS-E strives to increase the size of the center’s endowment so as to increase the number of scholar seats for deserving students.

NUST Inks a Partnership Agreement with Tufail Group for the NUST Endowment for Educational Development

NUST entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tufail Group, one of the leading Industrial Chemical Manufacturers of Pakistan. The MoU formalizes the existing  partnership with the Tufail Group on the NUST Endowment for Educational Development  program. This initiative is a nation-building  strive of NUST to ensure that no student at the University leaves due to any financial constraints. With a 4% acceptance rate at NUST, as many as 61% of students hail from lower-middle-income strata of the society. The MoU also envisaged a collaborative arrangement on R&D projects, executive training programs,
management training programs, and other avenues of strengthening academia-industrial linkages.