NUST Islmabad Installed 1MW Solar

World-class universities, being hubs of research and innovation, have a responsibility to meaningfully contribute to combatting climate change through strategic planning of operations, effective sustainable policies and governance models.
As a large organisation with 4500+ employees and 18000+ students in 19 Schools and Colleges spread across the country, NUST’s operational carbon footprint is closely monitored, and measures are being taken to reduce the impact of our operations through effective sustainable policies and governance models. These measures will contribute to a clean and #GreenNUST.
One of the strategies being deployed by NUST to reduce carbon footprint is energy conservation and divesting from fossil fuel-intensive energy while shifting to alternative energy generation methods, with a pledge to shift to 100% #RenewableEnergy by 2030!
In a major step towards achieving this objective, NUST’s Islamabad campus has reduced its dependence on the local grid by shifting part of its electricity needs to self-generated solar power. As of December 2020, NUST H-12 campus has a total installed capacity of 1 MW for solar power generation. Solar panels are installed at multiple locations across the campus, including rooftops and parking areas.
Moreover, as part of its #GreenNUST campaign, NUST is actively working on water conservation and recycling and extensively planned plantation drives across all of its 7 campuses nationwide.