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NUST Lake “Home to Many Birds”

NUST Lake is an exquisite spot for the students to take a break from the monotonous routine. One can escape here and relax with this mesmerizing view situated right within the campus walls. Its serenity, often accompanied by the patter of rain, caters to its value for providing a refreshing scenery to capture your timeless memories under the mantle of the sapphire sky, accompanied with a beguiling view of the blossoming landscape. Not only this lake is a treat for students but also a home to many beautiful birds species and plants.

Water Quality Assessment of Raw and Chlorinated Drinking Water of Residential Area at NUST

The safety of water is essential for life on earth. Drinking contaminated water can give rise to many health issues. To highlight the major causes of contamination in water, study was carried out to determine the physicochemical and bacteriological quality of raw and chlorinated water. Raw and chlorinated water samples were obtained from three locations (zones) of a residential university (National University of Sciences and Technology, NUST). Ten physicochemical parameters were analysed (pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, hardness, alkalinity, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, total organic carbon, and chlorine (free & total)). Bacteriological analysis was performed through the MPN technique. The results concluded that the water, whether raw or chlorinated, was not fit for drinking purposes. Proper dosages of chlorine and filtration techniques are required to make the water fit for consumption. On the basis of this study NUST administration extend their collaboration with Nestle and other service providers to ensure the availability of quality drinking water inside the campus.