Grow With Hope

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Grow With Hope is an initiative under the Millennium Fellowship Program that aims to tackle the ever-present malnutrition crises that keeps itself welcome in our country — in doing so, it hopes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #1 and #2, which are No Hunger and No Poverty, respectively.

Malnutrition is defined as lacking the required energy and nutrients to live a physically active life; this physical activity, in turn, would allow for optimal health. The consequences of malnutrition are quite serious, as one would expect, as it affects humans in areas of disease, disability and brain development, as well as our educational attainment and income potential. In fact, it appears that malnutrition often perpetuates the poverty it created, leading to an adverse cycle. Unfortunately, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have only worsened the situation. Hence, we must take the right steps to tackle it.

How will we do this? ‘Grow With Hope’ is currently raising funds to provide ration bags to underprivileged areas, including slums in twin cities. These ration bags will contain staple foods and will hopefully provide much needed relief to these communities. In addition, there are plans to eventually target other areas, including severely stricken parts of South Punjab and Interior Sindh. Other future efforts would include teaching new skills to help pull families out of poverty.

Considering the far-reaching impacts that malnutrition has on physical growth and economic mobility, combatting it not only saves the individuals affected in the present, but benefits our society in the long run. This is clear, and ‘Grow With Hope’ intends to play its part, undertaking a social responsibility in aiding the needy who live around us.