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Female Representation in NUST

Science and technology are fields where women are usually under-represented globally with an evident gender gap. Despite being a university focused on engineering and related technologies, NUST has managed to provide an environment conducive for women to pursue an education in these fields, with current female enrolment at 39%. The university also facilitates female students by providing them with on-campus accommodation, equipped with appropriate sports and health facilities, with priority given to students from remote areas of Pakistan. Apart from a healthy female students’ representation, NUST also has a female membership of around 21 % in its pool of faculty and researchers. NUST has a stringent policy on harassment against women at the workplace to provide a healthy environment for women at the workplace.

Serena and NUST Ink MOA for Fostering Gender Equality through Serena Management Trainee Program

Serena Hotels has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with National University of Science & Technology (NUST) to induct female graduates from NUST Business School (NBS) into the Serena Management Trainee Program. The MoA offers an excellent opportunity to female graduates of NBS for handson experiential learning and training in the field of Hospitality Management in a structured and professional setting. The one-year program will provide the Management Trainees with immersive learning to equip them with a holistic view of the business, as well as understanding the inter-relationships between different functional departments. The training is envisaged as an accelerated pathway that will help unlock their advancement to higher-level management positions in the industry.

NUST Students Win Civic Hackathon 2020 for their Project “Ghirasti”

NUST students stand first in Civic Hackathon 2020 for their project “Ghirasti”. Ghirasti is a platform that allows women to share their skills, teach other people, provide services and consequently earn money. The app allows women to provide a multitude of domestic management and civic services, starting with a simple step of making an account using their cell phones. The goal of this project is to give an opportunity to “stay-at-home mothers” and “homemakers,” who have so far dedicated all their time and effort to their families, and never had the chance to pursue a professional career. Even though they may not have professional expertise, they do have years of valuable experience in domestic management, a job that makes them efficient and patient multitaskers par excellence. The virtual competition, Civic Hackathon 2020, brought together a mix of technologists, designers, urban planners, social scientists, NGOs and government organisations, to approach and solve social and civic problems in an innovative way, using technology, data, and digital tools.