NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) is a non-profit and student-run, volunteer organization established for the welfare of society. It is the platform where students of NUST unite to pursue their selfless endeavors of serving humanity and giving back to their community. Below are the activities carried by NCSC. You can also participate as a volunteer for blood donation drives, Tree plantation etc.  

Cleaning the Waste at Islamabad TASTE

written by Numrah Malik

“It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people. We are a part of the time that is living amongst dead zones and is facing what threatens to change ecosystems, impact health, and harm the planet’s biodiversity; plastic and solid waste pollution. In this seemingly uncontrollable circumstance, NCSC collaborated with Muslim Aid, an organization aiming to promote healthier environments, to bring the threats … Continue Reading

BDD ’19: Boy Was The Beat Turned Up

written by Noor-ul-Ain edited by Abdul

Hayee Blood Donation Drive ’19, which spanned over four days, was not only a breath of fresh air to the exam-trodden students, but also a much needed escape. Students that came to donate got lost in the unique environment of the camp, compared to the staccato of their routines. They saw their peers laughing, hi-fiving each other all the … Continue reading

Introducing Project Ehsaas!

Written by Hamza Waqas edited by Abdul Hayee

As we’ve creeped into the 21st century, with all our technological advances and vast knowledge, the human factor inside us has diminished at a similar rate. But why not just label it as trivial? Why consider it a pressing issue? The answer lies in the essence of humanity; the powerful force that sets us apart from the … Continue reading

Children Saving Mother Earth: One Tree At A Time

by Mariam Younis & Mominah Asif

Planting trees to tackle climate change, could this really be humanity’s salvation? According to scientists, planting roughly three trillion trees globally could reduce our carbon footprint by two thirds, making it one of the most crucial efforts required to end the ever pressing climate crisis. With this in mind, NCSC members and our little heroes put on our capes … Continue Reading