Climate Action

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NUST Green Campus Initiative

2 Plantation drives per annum, 14k+ Saplings planted in 2019

In line with its commitment towards university social responsibility, NUST endeavors to follow environment-friendly practices, and arranges frequent plantation drives across all its campuses spread in different cities of Pakistan. By doing so, not only does the university contribute to the betterment of society and adhere to UN SDGs, but also sets examples encouraging others to make an effort. Over the past decade, NUST, in compliance of its green campus policy, has planted 97,000 saplings across its Islamabad campus alone, including 14,000 saplings in spring and Monsoon drives in 2019. Such efforts have transformed Sector H-12 from a barren land to a lush green campus that is home to approximately 9000 students, faculty and employees.

Spring Plantation Drive

1300+ Saplings Planted

NUST Green Campus Initiative is one of the signature initiatives of NUST under which 2 plantation drives every year are organized to fight climate change. In 2019, the Spring Tree Plantation Drive was inaugurated by Rector NUST, who planted a grapefruit sapling to mark the occasion. An overwhelming number of university officials, faculty members and students were also present. While speaking to the gathering, the Rector emphasized how horticultural activities are imperative for conserving the green environment and ameliorating the harmful effects of climate change. He encouraged the students and faculty to not only actively participate in the campaign on campus, but also take that to their homes and surroundings, for which the saplings would be provided by the university. During the drive, over 1300 saplings, including Citrus, Loquat, Celtis and grapefruit were planted at different locations on campus. Earlier in the day, a Marathon was also arranged on campus. NUST students, children, and elderly people all took part in the race with the same enthusiasm. Towards the end, Rector NUST awarded prizes to the winners of different categories.

Plant4Pakistan Day

200 Saplings planted in NUST H12 Campus

NUST believes that the calamity of Global Warming can only be stopped if every single one of us comes together to not only plant more trees but also adopt an overall eco-friendly lifestyle, ensuring a cleaner and greener future. NUST, in line with the Prime Minister’s appeal to all Pakistanis, to celebrate August 18, 2019, as “Plant4Pakistan Day”, became part of this largest country-wide afforestation drive, by organizing on-campus plantation, in which NUST students, faculty, employees and their families participated enthusiastically. Eager to play their role in fighting Climate Change in the region and respond to the call by PM Imran Khan, NUSTians planted around 200 saplings of various kinds at the NUST H-12 Campus, Islamabad.

NUST holds int’l workshop on The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Environment Monitoring

Attended by renowned academics and researchers from China, Germany, Japan and Sweden, the workshop was held as part of 3rd IAPR Summer School on Document Analysis being conducted at NUST in August 2019. Discussions were held around a dire need to construct more water reservoirs and simultaneously maintain an ecological balance through robust afforestation to avert the climatic and environmental degradation issues facing Pakistan. The instrumental role of NUST as the leading hub of research and innovation in tackling the core environmental problems through technological intervention was also elaborated upon.

Solar Powered Shuttle

Climate changes pose one of the greatest threats to our planet. Of the environmental risks identified by the World Economic Forum in its annual Global Risk Report, four can be linked to climate change: extreme weather events, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, natural disasters, and biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse. NUST is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting down carbon footprint for a sustainable environment. At a campus spread over 700 acres, commuting has been a hectic activity for the students and staff at NUST. Therefore, to facilitate a zero-emission commute within more than 20 solar-powered shuttles were acquired by the administration to provide eco-friendly commute for students and staff.

Exploring the spatial extent, causes, composition and intensity of winter smog over plains of Punjab, Pakistan

An increasing trend in fog frequencies over Pakistan has been witnessed during the winter span for the last few years, which has stemmed in vast disruptions in the day to day lives of people across the state. Intensive episodes of winter fog results in massive economic losses comparable to numerous other extreme weather happenings such as hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes. The research by NUST Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering aims to examine the degree and extent to which climate change and atmospheric pollutants may accelerate the formation of fog in Pakistan. It studies reasons, variations, and causes of smog formation and also studies the composition of smog in different areas of Punjab, through sensors, to propose an effective area-specific localized solution to the smog issue.