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Waste Water Treatment Plant

With water shortages plaguing the world, water scarcity has become one of the largest threats facing society today, making it one of the UN’s main sustainable development goals. Therefore, NUST is aiming to focus on developing new projects and technologies to reduce its water consumption. Our researchers developed and installed a wastewater treatment plant which is a low-cost technology requiring minimal energy and operational attention for the treatment of wastewater. NUST meets 100% of its horticulture water requirement of its Islamabad campus through recycled water. Using Wetland Filter technology,
NUST treats 80,000 gallons of sewerage water per day at zero energy consumption.

Free Drinking Water for All

NUST has installed free drinking water points in all of its campuses all over Pakistan, not only in classrooms and institutes, but also in the residential area of the campuses. The total number of free drinking points in NUST in all campuses amounts to 100s in numbers, which highlights the commitment of NUST to provide the access to this basic necessity free of cost

NUST Master Plan for Water Management and Sewerage Network

Experts at NUST administration have developed a master plan which ensures that all water supply lines have been laid on one side of the road and seepage line on the other side of the road to prevent any chance of mixing sewerage water with drinking water. Periodical maintenance of all water supply fittings and network lines are conducted regularly to avoid wastage and to ensure zero leakage in the pipeline. NUST has also developed “Rainwater Map” for the complete H-12 sector and various structures have been constructed to utilize maximum rainwater through gravity flow. Following measures have been taken: Rainwater Harvesting
• One 40,000 gallons’ underground water tank has been constructed in the vicinity of
IESE (SCEE), to collect rainwater of the area and being used for drip irrigation purpose.
• NUST has constructed three check dams, to store rainwater resulting in rise of water
table below the surface through seepage and also being used for horticulture
• Two recharge well of 250 ft depth has been constructed to replenish the groundwater
through rainwater.

Poster and Pamphlets Distribution on Water Conservation at NUST

The pamphlets and the posters that were printed for this awareness drive were then distributed among the students and were also pasted on the walls of washrooms. It helps spread awareness as due to COVID-19, other projects like visiting schools or other drives were difficult to conduct. There are 6 hostels in NUST that were visited and posters were distributed there. This project will help in conserving water in NUST hostels and students will be ready to play their role in the future if such situations occur

Donation Drive for Instalment of Water Hand Pumps

A donation drive for instalment of water hand pumps in nder-privileged areas was planned and organized by students. The intended project was carried out in collaboration with PCA (Pakistan Citizen Alliance). The required amount for instalment of one water hand pump was 25000/- PKR. Comprehensive and thorough plan for collecting donations was organized by the team. For a more efficient and wholesome donation drive, posters were designed and shared with the community enabling them to donate for the noble cause. After the successful implementation of drive, the required amount was collected in the time span of 2 weeks. The collected amount was transferred to PCA after which they ensured the team that the intended water hand pump will be installed at under privileged area by the summer season of 2021.